Dog Biting Case Study

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Dog attacks have always been a burning issue for the media and today, the media is filled with sensational headlines of dog bites. These newspapers use statistics from the centers for Disease control (CDC). According to media, there are certain breeds of dogs that can be fatal to one’s life. In-spite of so much awareness about dog attacks, no organization has been able to investigate the number of individual dog attack cases and record the number and circumstances of fatal dog attacks on a yearly basis till date, continuously. However, we can control this problem by understanding the events and behavior, that contribute to a fatal dog attack.

According to a study conducted on dog attacks, it is concluded that there are three main factors that contribute to canine aggression towards humans.

• Function of the dog: this refers to the role played by the dog in society. If a dog is trained to fight, guard or protect, it is more likely to get aggressive towards humans.
• Owner responsibility: This refers to the training, given to the dog, whether it was allowed to room loose, chained or left unsupervised.
• Reproductive status of dog: This includes unaltered male dogs, bitches with puppies, and children coming between male dog and female dog in estrus.
A dog attack is a serious matter and one must understand that a fatal dog attack is an extremely unusual event. Only around 20 deaths per year in a dog population of more then 53 million yields a small percent of dog population (.0000004%) involved in a human fatality. Most of the people around the world, think that one can be safe from dog attacks if certain breeds of dog are considered, potentially dangerous to human beings. However this is not the practical way out, as there are millions of breeds of dogs all over the world.

Most people think that since only a small portion of any breed is implicated in a human fatality & it’s not only unreasonable to characterize an entire breed of dogs as fatal to human life but it also does nothing to prevent fatal or severe dog attacks.

Pitbulls (a particular breed of dogs) have been considered as the breed, most responsible for fatal attacks. Being a victim of bad publicity, one severe or fatal attack can result in either restrictions or out right banning of this breed in a community.

It was reported that, there have been 36 different breeds of dogs, involved in fatal attacks in the United States. This is case of extreme shock for all of us as we consider dogs as our protectors, companions and guardians. There seems to be an ever growing expectation of a “behaviorally homogenized” dog – “Benji” in the shape of a Rottweiler.

It is found that certain breeds of dogs, especially trained for protection, or with an elevated prey-drive are often aggressive or dangerous. However, the root cause of this ‘aggression’ does not lie in a particular breed of dogs, but their trainers or masters (owners who fail to provide them obedience training).

One must understand that there is no breed of dog is inherently vicious, since all breeds of dogs were created and are maintained exclusively co-exist with us. It is only when we obtain more knowledge, become more humane and responsible in our treatment of dogs, can we hope to lessen future dog bites.

Fun With Shihpoo House Training

Darn if these little balls of fur aren’t one of the most fun pets and easy to train, even Shihpoo house training is quick with this pups as they are smart and bred to please. Because this dog is an approved blending of 3 other breeds you will find them in multiple colors, sizes, and hair texture. Their exceptional intelligence makes house training a snap but remember smart dogs also have loads of personality.

Some quick basics to help you train these cute puppies.

They love to play games so using toys to get them to obey is a must. Use a bell tied to a long string on the door you want them to go outside through and remember they enjoy attention but set the rules on how much. They are content to sit beside you rather than on your lap. Short walks can help keep them from gaining weight and keep them agile.

Following the rules of how to paper train dogs is the quickest way to potty train your pet. They will be happy to use a crate and small room. Make the crate their bed area or dog den and lay newspaper or potty pads down on the floor. Make sure any dog has water, some food if you’re going to be a long time, and plenty of toys to play with. Chew bones are a good idea and so is moving anything they may see as a potential exploratory adventure. If you’re confining them during potty training or when you are gone to a bathroom remember the toilet paper roll is a new toy to your puppy.

With any breed you want to take them outside right after they wake, play, eat or drink. If you leave home even for a short while take them outside immediately when you return. Have them paw the bell on the door while you repeat ‘go potty’ or some other catch phrase.

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House training your puppy successfully depends on you being consistent. These funny dogs rely on you for a set routine at first so they understand the rules. They also like to hunt their food so don’t be surprised if your dog takes it food from the eating dish lays it on the floor and attacks it by rolling on it or tossing it in the air before eating it. Be sure to have your video camera ready as no one will believe you until you show them!

Shihpoo house training is simple and quick. If you’re looking for a smart dog that learns fast this breed has all the right traits. Breed for companionship and loyalty it also loves going outside and exploring which makes it a great pet and easy to potty train.

House Training Puppies of Mixed Shih-Tzu and Poodle Breeds (Shihpoo)

Did you watch the Westminster Dog Show? If you did likely you fell in love with a great dog and rushed out to purchase it without thinking about the potential problem of house training puppies and if your new friend fits your lifestyle.

A friend has always wanted a Shihpoo and after the show rushed out to buy the Taco bell dog as she calls it. House training  Shihpoo puppies can be a bit of a problem if you don’t have time or aren’t patient. These small dogs are often high strung. Are they a bad dog? No way my mom had one for many years and it was a perfect pet for a person who can stay with a strict routine for a few months and has time to bond with their dog which helps this toy breed grow into a calm pet rather than a nervous snappy animal.

There are sporting dogs that also fit into the small dog area that are more fitting for a busy person who has a random schedule like my friend. These dogs are able to stay outside in nice weather for part of the day provided you give them food, water and shelter like a dog house or kennel run with a shed. Other small dogs are strictly inside dogs like Toy Poodle puppies. These guys do not shed are easy to paper train and make excellent house dogs and love walks so they do well both inside and outside but aren’t as adaptable to being left outside like a beagle would be.

How to paper train puppies comes down to one thing choosing the right dog first so you avoid the potential problems later. What you can do is research what dog meets your lifestyle. Write out a list of how often you can be there to let your dog in and out to relieve themselves. Do you want a pet that can be left outside for a few hours? Can you set up a house training dog schedule and stick to it? Are you wanting a companion for long walks or short walks as all dogs need exercise. Do you want a dog that plays house games or one you can take to the park and play Frisbee? Remember there are all kinds of small dogs and these questions need answered before you can choose a potty training program.

House training can also mean you want your pet to not chew on furniture or lay on the bed so looking for a breed that is content staying in a crate while you are gone may reduce training a problem dog.

House training puppies becomes a choice of what breed fits your life and then you can look at potty training, paper-training, or even training your dog to relieve themselves outside and controlling their bladder for several hours while you are at work. Remember with the teacup breeds this may not be workable and crate training your dog may be the answer.

Rare breeds, that you might want to look for

Dogs have been tame for thousands of years and a number of breeds have a few actually familiar and exceptional facial appearances. Although all breeds are exceptional and without difficulty defined there are a few breeds that merely turn out well precedent the mark of being extraordinary.

These breeds frequently need special care and are certainly not dogs for everybody. Rare dog breeds means nothing extra than insufficiency, it does not create a dog more precious.

Owners of rare dog breeds frequently sell their puppies for costs like those charged by breeders of well-liked breeds but they perhaps enthusiastically caring of their breed and may question potential owners for their keenness to unite a local or nationalized breed club, show the dog in conformation or conformity competitions, make a waste if the dog is a top instance of the breed, and turn into an representative for dependable breed ownership.

The following are a few extremely exceptional or great dog breeds from around the world: Chinese Crested- this dog can be also with or devoid of hair, but the more identified range has hair merely on the head, the feet. There is too various Chinese Crested called the powder-puff that has coat on the entire body.

ibizan_hound Ibizan Hound – This is a usual born hunting dog with extremely hygienic lines and plentiful liveliness.

These “rare dog breeds” were breed so as to accomplish the requirements of their owners consistent with their exacting place of living and its particularities. Some additional breeds were as well called “rare” for the reason that they were incomplete to the percentage, to serve as friend, and so on. There are various popular hunting breeds in the uncommon breed of dogs.

There are numerous other uncommon or great kind dog breeds presented all through the world. If you are taking into consideration one of these breeds be sure to make inquiries the requirements of the breed and take care that you are capable of give to any particular environmental circumstances or health concerns that the type possibly will have.

A couple of examples of popular dog breeds

Before getting yourself a new family member- your dog, since you have a choice to find out whether it will go down well with your family. So, before buying a dog, you should check out the most popular dog breeds and their temperament and the purpose you need them for.

Some of the popular dog breeds may be just toy dogs while others may be watchdogs and companions at the same time. There are also popular hunting breeds of dogs that are specially trained and skilled for hunting. These cannot only help in hunting but also as sleuth dogs.

Topping the list of the most popular dog breeds is the gentle, outgoing and friendly breed of Labrador retriever. They make good pets with both children and seniors. Following closely are the Golden Retriever, which is considered the best companion for the blind, the guide and police dog- the German shepherd and Dachshund- the apartment dog.

The next in the list is also a popular hunting breed, the Beagle. It used to be a foxhound and over the years has not given up on its fifth rank of the popular breeds for dogs. The Poddle, Chihuahua, Rottweiler, Yorkshire terrier and the Boxer are next on the hot list to be your favorite breed.

When going for a hunting dog, however, this is not the way you go about it. Each of the hunting breeds has their own health hazards. The numero uno even in this category is the Labrador retriever. This goes without doubt because hunting dogs should have front legs as straight as possible with a wide and straight back. Besides, choosing a good breed is not enough in itself. Most of these breed, whether they are Labradors or German Pointers or Brittanie, they need regular exercising in agreement to its breed and health status which may otherwise function so differently that your dream pet might have nightmares with health.

Before going to get yourself a dog, definitely check with a good breeder about the quality of the dog so that unwanted health and behavioral issues never perturb you in future.