Fun With Shihpoo House Training

Darn if these little balls of fur aren’t one of the most fun pets and easy to train, even Shihpoo house training is quick with this pups as they are smart and bred to please. Because this dog is an approved blending of 3 other breeds you will find them in multiple colors, sizes, and hair texture. Their exceptional intelligence makes house training a snap but remember smart dogs also have loads of personality.

Some quick basics to help you train these cute puppies.

They love to play games so using toys to get them to obey is a must. Use a bell tied to a long string on the door you want them to go outside through and remember they enjoy attention but set the rules on how much. They are content to sit beside you rather than on your lap. Short walks can help keep them from gaining weight and keep them agile.

Following the rules of how to paper train dogs is the quickest way to potty train your pet. They will be happy to use a crate and small room. Make the crate their bed area or dog den and lay newspaper or potty pads down on the floor. Make sure any dog has water, some food if you’re going to be a long time, and plenty of toys to play with. Chew bones are a good idea and so is moving anything they may see as a potential exploratory adventure. If you’re confining them during potty training or when you are gone to a bathroom remember the toilet paper roll is a new toy to your puppy.

With any breed you want to take them outside right after they wake, play, eat or drink. If you leave home even for a short while take them outside immediately when you return. Have them paw the bell on the door while you repeat ‘go potty’ or some other catch phrase.

Source: Pixabay

House training your puppy successfully depends on you being consistent. These funny dogs rely on you for a set routine at first so they understand the rules. They also like to hunt their food so don’t be surprised if your dog takes it food from the eating dish lays it on the floor and attacks it by rolling on it or tossing it in the air before eating it. Be sure to have your video camera ready as no one will believe you until you show them!

Shihpoo house training is simple and quick. If you’re looking for a smart dog that learns fast this breed has all the right traits. Breed for companionship and loyalty it also loves going outside and exploring which makes it a great pet and easy to potty train.

House Training Puppies of Mixed Shih-Tzu and Poodle Breeds (Shihpoo)

Did you watch the Westminster Dog Show? If you did likely you fell in love with a great dog and rushed out to purchase it without thinking about the potential problem of house training puppies and if your new friend fits your lifestyle.

A friend has always wanted a Shihpoo and after the show rushed out to buy the Taco bell dog as she calls it. House training¬† Shihpoo puppies can be a bit of a problem if you don’t have time or aren’t patient. These small dogs are often high strung. Are they a bad dog? No way my mom had one for many years and it was a perfect pet for a person who can stay with a strict routine for a few months and has time to bond with their dog which helps this toy breed grow into a calm pet rather than a nervous snappy animal.

There are sporting dogs that also fit into the small dog area that are more fitting for a busy person who has a random schedule like my friend. These dogs are able to stay outside in nice weather for part of the day provided you give them food, water and shelter like a dog house or kennel run with a shed. Other small dogs are strictly inside dogs like Toy Poodle puppies. These guys do not shed are easy to paper train and make excellent house dogs and love walks so they do well both inside and outside but aren’t as adaptable to being left outside like a beagle would be.

How to paper train puppies comes down to one thing choosing the right dog first so you avoid the potential problems later. What you can do is research what dog meets your lifestyle. Write out a list of how often you can be there to let your dog in and out to relieve themselves. Do you want a pet that can be left outside for a few hours? Can you set up a house training dog schedule and stick to it? Are you wanting a companion for long walks or short walks as all dogs need exercise. Do you want a dog that plays house games or one you can take to the park and play Frisbee? Remember there are all kinds of small dogs and these questions need answered before you can choose a potty training program.

House training can also mean you want your pet to not chew on furniture or lay on the bed so looking for a breed that is content staying in a crate while you are gone may reduce training a problem dog.

House training puppies becomes a choice of what breed fits your life and then you can look at potty training, paper-training, or even training your dog to relieve themselves outside and controlling their bladder for several hours while you are at work. Remember with the teacup breeds this may not be workable and crate training your dog may be the answer.