A couple of examples of popular dog breeds

Before getting yourself a new family member- your dog, since you have a choice to find out whether it will go down well with your family. So, before buying a dog, you should check out the most popular dog breeds and their temperament and the purpose you need them for.

Some of the popular dog breeds may be just toy dogs while others may be watchdogs and companions at the same time. There are also popular hunting breeds of dogs that are specially trained and skilled for hunting. These cannot only help in hunting but also as sleuth dogs.

Topping the list of the most popular dog breeds is the gentle, outgoing and friendly breed of Labrador retriever. They make good pets with both children and seniors. Following closely are the Golden Retriever, which is considered the best companion for the blind, the guide and police dog- the German shepherd and Dachshund- the apartment dog.

The next in the list is also a popular hunting breed, the Beagle. It used to be a foxhound and over the years has not given up on its fifth rank of the popular breeds for dogs. The Poddle, Chihuahua, Rottweiler, Yorkshire terrier and the Boxer are next on the hot list to be your favorite breed.

When going for a hunting dog, however, this is not the way you go about it. Each of the hunting breeds has their own health hazards. The numero uno even in this category is the Labrador retriever. This goes without doubt because hunting dogs should have front legs as straight as possible with a wide and straight back. Besides, choosing a good breed is not enough in itself. Most of these breed, whether they are Labradors or German Pointers or Brittanie, they need regular exercising in agreement to its breed and health status which may otherwise function so differently that your dream pet might have nightmares with health.

Before going to get yourself a dog, definitely check with a good breeder about the quality of the dog so that unwanted health and behavioral issues never perturb you in future.